Six western Massachusetts banks, with Easthampton Savings Bank as the lead plaintiff, challenged the ordinances. A U.S. District court judge upheld the ordinances. However, on appeal, the U.S. Court of Appeals issued a stay preventing Springfield from enforcing them.

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On the morning of Jan. 9, Dayne Lee ’17, a student practitioner with the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau, slipped into a suit after three sleepless nights leading up to his major argument before the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court, in a case pitting federally controlled mortgage giant fannie mae against homeowner Elvitria Marroquin – a Lynn, Mass. homeowner who has been fighting foreclosure.

As Mnuchin led the bank’s revival, it was the focus of complaints by consumer watchdogs that it engaged in unfair foreclosures. the Massachusetts Democrat said in an interview with the Globe,

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Selling drugs – even if it’s just a small amount of cocaine – is an "aggravated felony, from which the only way to fight being deported is to prove. and the family’s house was lost to foreclosure,

History: Fannie, Freddie Seized by Federal Government The Government on Sunday seized control of mortgage finance companies fannie mae and Freddie Mac, launching what could be its biggest federal bailout ever, in a bid to support the U.S. housing.

BOSTON – Judges on the U.S. Court of Appeals on Monday aired a lawsuit by six banks in Western Massachusetts seeking to invalidate two ordinances in Springfield that aim to control and maintain.

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SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (AP) – A federal judge on Tuesday upheld two Springfield anti-foreclosure ordinances, ruling against six banks that sought to overturn the regulations. Six Mass. banks fight foreclosure ordinances United States Court of Appeals. For the First Circuit.

Six Mass. banks fight foreclosure ordinances Mass mortgage layoffs hit Wells Fargo units in North Texas Commercial Mortgage Delinquencies Rise in Hard-Hit States

Last year, electronic auctions were launched as a substitute to courthouse auctions and sales overseen by notaries, which had faced mass protests. "It’s crucial to keep the banks afloat," he told.

Foreclosure LawsSee Former Bank of America workers allege it lied to home owners. According to this article, six Bank of America employees have submitted affidavits, detailing how the Bank denied homeowners modifications and instead rewarded employees for pushing homeowners into foreclosure. A few excerpts: