Inequality may be the economic issue of the moment, but the theme has long preoccupied economists.

Lola is free to give birth anytime between now and when her ovaries shut down, which given advances in estrogen treatments could be well into her 80s. She wants to wait a while before our next kid, presumably because she’s realized the folly of passing on my genes to the next generation. I, however, think we should reproduce right away.

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Markets Wall Street in 2016: What could possibly go wrong? We’re going to be OK next year-here’s why: Bob Doll. Oil Supply outlook clouds crude’s rally Oil companies brace for a grim 2016 amid sustained price crash shale’s Running Out of Survival Tricks as OPEC Ramps Up Pressure Oil-Producing States Battered as Tax-Gushing Wells Are Shut Down

Report: Alt-A Delinquency Rate Nearing 18 Percent amex delinquency rates Flat In March | – According to a report in Seeking Alpha, American Express said the delinquency rate for U.S. consumer cards was 1.5 percent in March which was the same rate in February. The net charge off rate did.Fed report finds no wrongful foreclosures by banks, consumer advocates slam methodology Las Vegas forecast to lead 2013 home price gains rising home prices means supply and demand; more workers needed – LAS VEGAS – Housing prices continue to go up around the las vegas valley. The median cost of a home in the area is now $249,000. That’s up 13 percent from a year ago. Currently, at least 15 major.

In 2016, 5.4% of China’s and 4.3% of India’s electricity came from wind and solar.In both countries, there will likely be little net new coal power expansion in the future. At a 3% growth rate in total demand, this suggests that they will reach about 40% of total electricity production from wind and solar in.

Piketty isn’t just wrong on economics, he’s wrong on housing. Wronger, even. Now, I don’t accept the position that income inequality is a bad thing to begin with. People have unequal talent.

The Sheer Folly of Callow Youth – LessWrong 2.0 – "There speaks the sheer folly of callow youth; the rashness of an ignorance so abysmal as to be possible only to one of your ephemeral race." -Gharlane of Eddore Once upon a time, years ago, I propounded a mysterious answer to a mysterious question-as I’ve hinted on several occasions. The.

CFPB names another acting deputy director The dispute over the CFPB acting director designation has moved into federal court. In yesterday’s post, we explained why the President’s designation of Mick Mulvaney as acting cfpb director complies with the law, and why Mr. Mulvaney-rather than CFPB deputy director Leandra English-qualifies as the lawful acting director.Shadow inventory contracts as investors snap up foreclosures Xome makes it easy to buy your new home, sell your old one, find an agent, view virtual tours, & receive homes by e-mail. With our professional Xome Agents & Concierge service, you can buy or sell your home with confidence. Start using Xome today.

Timbrell 2010 Whole | Masculinity | Thesis – Even if James considered it over fonde, because it is overwise & Philisophick a folly (Basilikon Doron U2v), and Robert Burton was equally concerned in The Anatomy of Melancholy (1621) that it is a game too troublesome for some mens brains, too full of anxiety (81), they were obviously in the minority of

Private-Label Securitization Market Starts to Thaw with Jumbo Prime RMBS The CFPB on QM and Auto Financing; ALTA on Risk Policy and Closing Policies – "Private-label securitization activity will rise as investor demand increases and delinquency trends continue to develop. The residential mortgage backed securities market is expected. The increase.