Lying Became the Ticket to Real Estate Speculation In September 2004, the FBI reported that there was a "growing epidemic" of mortgage fraud in the country. had ever looked into this or even cared.

The housing boom of recent years has. It is hard to get precise numbers on just how much mortgage fraud there is. The FBI recorded more than $1 billion in mortgage fraud losses in fiscal 2005, but.

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"There’s a close correlation between states with foreclosure problems and states with mortgage fraud problems," says Sam Garcia of "There’s a good portion of foreclosures that probably resulted from some form of mortgage fraud." Closing: The las vegas downturn has merely just begun.

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The FBI was aware for years of "pervasive and growing" fraud in the mortgage industry that eventually contributed to America’s financial meltdown, but did not take definitive action to stop it.

Given the significant role of mortgages in our economy, mortgage fraud has been recognized as a significant criminal problem by the FBI and has been treated accordingly.

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This was straightforward mortgage fraud, and the current wave of fraud in the foreclosure process is covering it up. In 2004, the FBI sounded the alarm about an " epidemic " in mortgage fraud. This was right at the beginning of the real subprime explosion-things got much worse as the housing bubble inflated.

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