Foreclosure Misconduct Claims Send Cold Reminders | NNA – Foreclosure Misconduct Claims Send Cold Reminders By NNA Staff on November 10, 2010 in Notary News A former employee of a Florida law firm being investigated for its alleged mishandling of foreclosure operations recently revealed a host of questionable notarial practices.

Recently, Jacquelyn Trask, one of my associate attorneys, won a motion to dismiss with the court reserving determination of our right to receive attorneys’ fees on a case that highlights a growing problem, the filing of "robo-motions." The unusual facts of the case demonstrate how dangerous robo-motions are: potentially much more dangerous than the heights scaled by the robo-signing scandal.

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Robo-Signing Scandal.. much of the work to get the paper work in order was outsourced to law firms and other companies specializing in helping with foreclosures. Many of these firms and companies, however, hired people to sign foreclosure affidavits without ever reviewing documentation, and.

Did Robo-Signing Lawyers Knowingly Commit Fraud in the. – Did Robo-Signing Lawyers Knowingly Commit Fraud in the Foreclosure Fiasco?. but Bill McCollum’s office is also investigating three other firms: the Florida Default Law Group. has focused on.

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Beyond robo-signing: mortgage foreclosure Defense Basics.. at the heart of the robo-signing issue is fraud:. defense counsel have usually tried to resolve the state court foreclosure issues with the foreclosing entity or its law firm by seeking loan modifications and trying to bring.

Florida Law Advisers, P.A. Robo-Signing – Florida Foreclosure Law. Robo-signing is the practice of a bank employee signing documents and affidavits without verifying that the information contained in the document or affidavit is correct.

ROBO-LITIGATION Re: Attorney Misconduct at Foreclosure Mills The scale of attorney malfeasance in connection with the foreclosure crisis is enormous.. florida law firm, Butler & Hosch, found.

Lawyer: "Robo-Signers" Rushed Foreclosures.. need to be re-scrutinized by the banks and resold on the market.. The bank sent out a press release Tuesday that it was no longer using the law.

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The most-noted one was the 2011 termination of Steve Baum in Florida, whose law firm was embroiled in the nation’s robo-signing foreclosure scandal. Baum’s law firm closed within a week of Fannie.

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