CNN produces HUD Secretary Castro ad, er, interview Remember that tagline CNN used to have: "It’s not news. It’s CNN." Never has that been more appropriate. Just not in the way they hoped for it, anyway. CNN has been circling the drain for.The LOS and Fintech are at a Crossroads: Are They Parting Ways or Converging? The LOS and Fintech are at a Crossroads: Are They Parting Ways or Converging? Maxwell’s digital mortgage software now available through Ellie Mae As a leading provider of on-demand software solutions and services for the residential mortgage. is built on Ellie Mae’s next-generation platform.

If the lawsuit filed by DOJ is eventually dismissed, it might reduce the legal hassles for the company to some extent. However, BofA will be still left grappling under substantial legal burdens.

BofA close to beating DOJ $850M RMBS fraud suit PrisonPlanet Forum ; Financial Crisis Forum ; Financial Crisis Forum ; Economical Crises – Solutions – Philosophical debates and Loads of (Self) educational info (Moderator: Letsbereal) THE DAILY FRAUD’

Stick a Fork in It: Moody’s Downgrades 1,923 Subprime RMBS Classes – In Just Two days bofa close to beating doj 0m rmbs fraud suit Sen. Warren is right: Blacks and Hispanics were targeted by subprime policy senator elizabeth warren questions jerome Powell on his nomination to become chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve during a hearing.

DOJ slams BofA with 0m rmbs suit The Department of Justice slapped Bank of America and numerous subsidiaries with an $850 million lawsuit Tuesday, alleging the firms lied to investors about the quality of mortgages backing residential mortgage-backed securities sold off to investors.

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FHA to raise insurance premiums in April Judging by the emails we’ve received lately, the FHA’s latest announcement has created a lot of confusion among home buyers. It has to do with FHA mortgage insurance premiums, and a scheduled increase that will take effect in April 2011.

Department of Justice Sues Bank of America for Defrauding Investors in Connection with Sale of Over $850 Million of Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities. today that the United States has filed a civil lawsuit against Bank of America Corporation and certain of its affiliates, including.

Bank of America Being Sued by the DOJ for Defrauding Mortgage Investors of $850M |

Bank of America close to beating DOJ $850M RMBS fraud suit. he U.S. Department of Justice has not proven its charges that Bank of America. Here are the 3Q bank earnings to watch for this week .2 billion fannie, Ginnie bulk MSR portfolio for sale Bulk MSR Portfolio With $4.7B Of UPB Up For Bids -.

Of the record-breaking $16.65 billion resolution, almost $10 billion will be paid to settle federal and state civil claims by various entities related to RMBS, CDOs and other types of fraud. Bank of America will pay a $5 billion civil penalty to settle the Justice Department claims under FIRREA.